What We Do

High Quality OTR Shows

EddiesOTR sells great Old Time Radio shows with the highest available audio quality. We also label our discs with great cover artwork that represents that particular show, or it's genre. Every disc we sell has unique artwork to that show.

The discs themselves are coated with a glossy photo grade coating, not what you get at Staples, etc. 

Formats Available

The majority of our radio shows are available on MP3 CD, MP3 DVD, and MP3 USB Thumb Drives. See the "Whats Right For Me" page to help you decide which ones to get.

On some of the larger shows we offer, we also offer on MP3 DVD. However, now that most cars have MP3 CD players as standard equipment.

We strongly suggest you purchase in the MP3 CD format. This will give you many more playback options.

Disc Quality

All of our OTR shows we sell on CD, or DVD, are printed on high quality discs. They are commercial grade with a High Gloss, photo quality finish. Waterproof, smudgeproof, and with unique cover art exclusive to each series.

If you have purchased OTR shows from other re-sellers, you will be pleasantly surprised with the great quality, and cover artwork on our discs.

About EddiesOTR

EddiesOTR.com has been selling Old Time Radio shows for about 10 years now. We sell on our retail website, Amazon, eBay, and privately branded in select retail stores. 

Why Buy at Eddie's?

Over the years we have sold tens of thousands of high quality OTR shows. We're fans of Old Time Radio ourselves. So we know what listeners and collectors want.


If you have questions, we've got answers! Click our F.A.Q. tab to see the most common questions our guests have.

EddiesOTR....The Place For OTR

We are Old Time Radio Fans

One of the main reasons OTR listeners shop here, is because we are fans of this great hobby of collecting Old Time Radio shows.

We want to acknowlege the pioneers of this hobby.

Now with .MP3 files readily available, anyone can become a seller of old time radio shows. In reality we are standing on the shoulders of people like Jerry Heanges, John Dunning, and many more. Once things have settled down with our new site, there will be an area dedicated to the people who helped keep old time radio alive.

We want to do our part!

Over the years we have provided vast copies of OTR shows to numerous charitable organizations, especially to veteran groups. EddiesOTR (aka Eddie) is a veteran, and we are a member of NAVOBA, the National Association of Veteran Owned Businesses.

We want to do our part....Vol 2

Collecting and listening to old time radio shows is a upward trending hobby. Our average buyer is 40-45 years, according to Google Analytics. At Eddie's we provide a service by searching for, compiling, and duplication of OTR shows. We are not Amazon, making huge profits. We want to help keep the hobby going, while at least breaking even!

We do want to be the best!

By constant searching for more shows, higher quality audio, etc., the putting it all together on commercial High Gloss discs with cool artwork, we are constantly striving to be the place where collectors can count on getting a great product at a fair price.

We own a phone!

While we concentrate on selling and conducting our business on the internet, we do have a phone where you can talk to me.

I quit putting our phone number on the website because 90% of all calls were from someone trying to sell us web design services, website optimization , etc.

If you would like our phone number, simply email us, and I'll send it to you.

You may get the machine, but if you do, leave me a number and I'll get back with you. We don't keep "normal" business hours!