What's New?

In the past most of the series we offered were only available as an .MP3 CD or as an .MP3 DVD. We now offer many of our larger shows on a USB Thumb drive as well. 

We are also offering many of our  most popular shows as direct .MP3 downloads. If a show is available as a download it will be offered at the top of item description page. In addition, on the menu bar which shows series by category, you can click on the "Downloadable Products" tab. If you click the option to purchase as a download, you will be taken to our store at Payloadz. 100% safe and secure, and payment will be through PayPal.

Another minor change is how your discs will be shipped. In the past our shows (Discs) were all shipped in paper sleeves. You now have the option to have your discs shipped in heavy duty cardboard sleeves which will be labeled with the name of the show. If you are giving that series as a gift, it looks a little better. It also protects the discs better. There is a 50 cent per disc charge for these types of sleeves. So, as an example, a 4 disc set would be $2.00 more if you select the cardboard sleeve option.

Why The New Website?

Three reasons.

  • It was time for a facelift.
  • Our new host, GoDaddy, has a few options that make it easier for customers to navigate, and for us to make quick changes to products, etc.
  • Lastly, and maybe most important, our new website allows customers to navigate and purchase on both smartphones, and tablets. This has been a major problem with our old hosting company, as it's estimated that up to 40%, or more of buyers, purchase using their smartphones, or tablets.

What products can I purchase at EddiesOTR.com?

Virtually every product we offer will be available for sale on our website. On our website we also offer most products we sell available for shipment to foreign contries.

While many of our better selling products are available on either eBay or Amazon, EddiesOTR.com will have everything for anyone in one easy to use website.

Shipping & Handling

SH is free on the vast majority of our products. A few of the Gift Packages may have a small SH fee.

  • Free SH for orders to US destinations will be sent via USPS Media Mail. It's almost as fast as First Class service, it also includes tracking info.
  • USPS First Class SH with tracking is available for any size order. It will get there a bit faster, and you will be able to track your order. It is a flat fee of $2.99 regardless of order size.
  • USPS Priority Mail is available for any size order. It will arrive 2-3 days after manufacture to receive your order, depending on what area of the US you reside. Fast, with tracking number. It is a flat fee of $6.99, regardless of order size.

All orders will ship next business day. Certain items, such as Gift Packages, and USB drives will ship within 2 business days.

Please note that orders of 3 or less discs, will NOT have a tracking number if you select the Free Shipping option.

What formats are Available?

All of our old time radio shows are available as follows, options for each show will be described in each individual show listing.

The most common:

  • MP3 CD. This is the most common product we sell. We use standard MP3 file format. These CDs are guaranteed to play in any computer. If your car CD player is fairly  new, and is MP3 CD capable, they will more than likely play in your car. Please refer to your automobile's owners manual. As a side note, we have yet to hear of our MP3 CDs, not playing in an car's MP3 CD player. In addition our MP3 CDs will play in many home theater audio systems, please refer to your owner's manual to insure that it will play MP3 CDs. 

  • We always suggest MP3 CD vs, MP3 DVDs, as you get more playback options with an MP3 CD.

  • MP3 DVD. Our MP3 DVDs are guaranteed to only playback on computers. An MP3 DVD can hold as much as 5 MP3 CDs can. Most people buy MP3 DVDs just to download to a portable MP3 player, such as an iPod. More bang for your buck, but playback options are limited. Our MP3 DVDs may payback in your home DVD player. Please check your owners manual to see if it is MP3 DVD capable.

  • USB Thumb Drive. Some of our bigger shows are available in a USB thumb drive. Meant for the Windows operating system. The advantage for old time radio listeners is once you transfer the files to your computer, you now have an extra USB thumb drive, which as many of you know, are very handy to have around. Also many newer cars have a USB drive in them, and you can just plug the Thumb Drive in, and have 100s of hours of great old time radio shows available.

  • Gift Sets & Collections. These special packages contain discs that have a certain theme such as westerns, Sci-Fi, etc. Packaged in poly binders and shrink wrapped, they make great gifts. Please read the description, as our Gift sets are available in both MP3 CDs as mentioned above, as well as Regular Audio CDs, which play in any device that plays CDs

And as mentioned above, for immediate enjoyment, you can also purchase as a download.

I Stil Have A Question?

In case you have a question, or concern that is not covered here, please contact us at service@eddiesotr.com. If you feel that a phone call is needed. Please email us with your phone number, and a good time to call. Please include your time zone.